Dental Implants Let You Bite With Confidence

Find out how you can fully restore your toothless smile with dental implants.

Once you lose a permanent tooth you quickly realize how such tasks that we take for granted like speaking and chewing are so much Dental Implantsharder. If you are tired of dentures moving around in your mouth while trying to enjoy your meals then it’s time to talk to your Fairfield, CT dentist Dr. Adriana Torena about dental implants.

What makes up a dental implant?

A dental implant is made up of three different parts:

  • The implant
  • An abutment
  • A replacement tooth (or teeth)

The implant, which is often made from a biocompatible metal like titanium, is the piece that will be surgically placed into a pre-drilled hole in the jawbone. This implant will serve the same function as tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone and holding the replacement tooth firmly in place.

Once the implant is placed and given time to both heal and bond with the surrounding tissue and bone, the gums will be opened back up to reveal the implant. Then we will place the abutment on top of the implant. The abutment serves to connect the implant to the artificial tooth. After several more weeks of healing, you will come back in so we cover your implant with a permanent dental crown that is custom-made for your smile.

What are the smile advantages you’ll get with dental implants?

While getting dental implants does take a while many patients agree that it’s completely worth it when you get a new tooth that both looks and functions just like a natural tooth. Sure, nothing can really take the place of a real tooth, but if you are looking for the next best thing, getting dental implants from your Fairfield, CT dentist is the way to go.

Also, dental implants are the only tooth replacement that not only protects but also promotes strong jaw health. When you lose a tooth the jawbone starts to deteriorate. Because your jawbone isn’t getting the stimulation it needs from the tooth roots to create new bone cells, it loses volume and density. As a result, the jawbone starts to recede, which causes cheeks to cave in and also has the unfair bonus of causing patients to look older than they really are.

Dental implants may cost more than other treatment options and take longer to place, but implants are truly the only long-term solution to replacing your missing teeth. Dental bridges and dentures last about 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. But when you maintain good oral hygiene and continue to see your Fairfield, CT dentist every six months for routine cleanings you better believe that your implants will last you a lifetime.

Want to find out if dental implants can help turn your smile around? Then it’s time to call Allure Dental Group today. And remember that we are moving to our great, new location in early September, so be sure to call us for details!

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