Are You Ready For A Complete Smile Makeover?

Allure Dental Group walks you through the process of a complete smile makeover. Located in Bridgeport, CT we have the necessary tools to replenish your smile. Our services will bring you a rejuvenated smile that will boost your confidence through social and professional events. Dr. Adriana Torena is here to help you bring out the best in your smile. 

You Have Control 

During our services, we get to know you and want from a smile. Bringing in photos or examples of the type of smile you would like will help us through this process. From teeth, whitening to cracked teeth, crooked teeth, or receding gums we can transform your smile into the one you have always wanted. 

This is a huge decision to make because a new smile will change your appearance. So it’s best to try out your smile before making a decision. 3D technology can help visualize the type of smile you like. Then, once you have settled on your features we will take care of the rest. Here are a few services we offer that go into a complete smile makeover. And if you are interested you can call our Bridgeport, CT office for a consultation. 


Dental Implants

The full replacement of missing teeth. Implants are placed directly into your jawbone as an alternative to a missing tooth. It’s possible to replace one, a few, or even all teeth with dental implants. This is an option for someone who wants to have a specific shape of teeth for their smile. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Full removal of a tooth is not always necessary to receive the smile you dream about. Dental medicine has come a long way to repair our teeth from previous damage. Broken, chipped, or poorly aligned teeth can be fixed through various methods here at Allure Dental Group. We offer veneer procedures to help prepare your damaged teeth. 


Sometimes our teeth need a little bit of freshening up. Whitening your teeth in or out of the office will enhance your smile. Our teeth naturally discolor over time due to age, drinking, and eating. Our whitening services can be done in our office or the comfort of your own home. The end process will bring you a natural bright white smile. 

Allure Dental Group

We are dedicated to providing you with a complete smile makeover with our services. You can trust us to give you the smile that you have always wanted. It is possible and we are here to help. Visit Dr. Torena at Allure Dental Group in Bridgeport, CT, or give us a call at 203.368.9016 to schedule your next visit. 

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