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Can I Get Orthodontics as an Adult?

How orthodontic treatment from your dentist in Bridgeport, CT, can help your smile

When you think about orthodontic treatment, do you think it’s only for teenagers? The truth is, you are never too old to straighten your smile. Orthodontics is a miracle worker, and it’s your ticket to a straight, beautiful smile as an adult.

Dr. Adriana Torena at Allure Dental Group offers comprehensive dental care, including orthodontic treatment for all ages. She has two convenient office locations in Fairfield, and Bridgeport, CT, to help you and your smile.

Let’s talk about how you can benefit from a straight smile. A straight smile can:

  • Make your smile more attractive, which will give a boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improve the health of your smile, because it’s much easier to floss straight teeth
  • Help you chew better, which will improve your digestion and your overall health
  • Reduce tooth wear, which can reduce the need for dental restorations
  • Reduce jaw stress, which can reduce your chance of having jaw and TMJ pain

Orthodontics can help you even as an adult. In fact, orthodontic treatment is perfect for you if you have:

  • An underbite or overbite
  • An open bite or crossbite
  • Gaps or uneven spacing
  • Overlapped, crowded, or rotated teeth

Braces are effective no matter how old you are, and now there are more choices to choose from. Types of braces include:

  • Conventional metal braces, with metal brackets and wires
  • Ceramic braces, with tooth-colored brackets and wires
  • Lingual braces, which are placed on the back surfaces of your teeth

In addition to braces, you can also choose dental appliances, known as aligners. You can remove aligners when you eat, brush, and floss, making them an excellent option for adults on the go.

You and your smile are never too old for orthodontic treatment. To learn more about orthodontic treatment for adults, talk with an expert by calling Dr. Adriana Torena at Allure Dental Group. You can reach her in Bridgeport, CT, at (203) 368-9016, so call today!

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