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How a Dental Crown Can Help You

Over time, our teeth could be damaged, whether due to trauma, gum disease, or decay. In some people, they may also have teeth that are unsightly because of discoloration or uneven shape. All these negatively impact your ability to eat and smile confidently. Here at Allure Dental Group in Bridgeport, CT, your dentist Dr. Adriana Torena, can resolve these issues with a dental crown that will work and look exactly like your real, healthy teeth.

Why a Dental Crown?

All of us are unique, and not all of us are blessed with healthy teeth. Some people are more prone to decay, for instance. With a severely decayed tooth, it might not be possible to fill in the cavity with a dental filling if the tooth doesn’t have sufficient natural structure left. Otherwise, you risk further breakage or cracking. A crown can cover the problematic tooth instead and restore its function and appearance.

Likewise, in plenty of cases, people who require root canal therapy will need a dental crown following the procedure. The crown will ensure the safety of the treated tooth and keep it from being damaged further. In addition, for people who have one or several missing teeth, dental implants or dental bridges combined with crowns could be a viable tooth replacement option.

How is a Dental Crown Placed?

The first step is the application of local anesthesia on the affected tooth and surrounding gum. This will help ensure your comfort since the next step requires reshaping your tooth to make certain that your dental crown will fit right over your tooth snugly. Your dentist in Bridgeport, CT, will then create an impression of your tooth, which will then be sent to a lab that will construct your dental crown.

In the meantime, your tooth will be fitted with a temporary dental crown. You’ll go back to your dentist once your permanent crown is made. Your dentist will now make some modifications to your tooth and the crown, if needed, to get that perfect fit, and finally attach your permanent crown.

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